2024 voting closed
Months most viewed ladies:
1 Jessica Alba
2 Britney Spears
3 Natalie Portman
4 Keira Knightley
5 Christina Aguilera
6 Fernanda Martinelli
7 Shakira
8 Angelina Jolie
9 Kelly Brook
10 Jessica Biel

Frequently asked questions

How come it's taken nearly 8 months to get this released?
I suck. But it was well worth it right?

How does the point system work?
Every hour the votes are tallied and the lady with the most votes assigned 100 points, second 99 and so on. Fairly simple really.

The points system sucks!
This year's point system is a change from previous ones. We decided a new points system was in order to help negate the "Natalie Portman Effect", which occurred last year when natalieportman.com swamped the list with a bazillion votes. It will be a lot harder to make such a huge impact this time around.

Where are the porn banners?
I know, it's madness! A site with boobies and no porn banners, what ever will happen next?

Why is <insert name 1> ranked higher than <insert name 2>? This is a joke!
I dunno. Go wet your pants about something more important, the voting is conducted by the general Internet public, blame them!

Something is broken, I get errors and stuff! Ha Ha
Give us an email by de-obscuring dan ^ deadbodies ? org and I'll look into it.

<insert name> doesn't have any pictures, what's going on?
I've only got so much time in the day, so I can't go sourcing pictures for all the ladies. If you want to contribute, head over to the Boobies forum and post away.

What's deadbodies.org got to do with this? deadbodies...are you sick?
Deadbodies.org was my first site, a site which coincidently has nothing to do with deadbodies. The sexiest 100 in its first incarnation back in 2001 was located there, but I felt the whole deadbodies thing was a little off putting to the average monkey so decided the sexiest 100 needed a site of its own, hence sexiest100.org... simple huh.

Why have you even got a FAQ page?
The trend was to have a FAQ page once upon a time. It was then un-cool, so I'm being an anti-trend-follower or something. There's that, and the fact that I really do get asked a bunch of questions about this place.

Is that it?
Yeah, that should do for now.

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